ToteSåk - Waterproof Tote Bag

ToteSåk Waterproof Tote Bag - The New Classic

Product Highlights:

  • 100% waterproof main compartment, with airtight zipper
  • Internal and external storage pockets
  • Classically stylish
  • Lightweight and spacious
  • Made with premium TPU-coated canvas and nylon

Fully Waterproof

ToteSåk is crafted from TPU coated canvas and nylon, for maximum waterproofing.  The airtight zipper not only protects against spills and splashes, but it also floats if it’s dropped overboard!

Stay Organized

ToteSåk's waterproof main compartment is the ideal place to store towels, clothes or sensitive items like your phone. Plus ToteSåk features 2 external pockets for on-the-go convenience.

Sophisticated Style

We opted for a classic tote design that’s both timeless, and versatile. The neutral beige color pairs perfectly with your choice of accents.

Product Description

Waterproof Design Meets Sophisticated Style!

Whether you’re lounging by the pool or enjoying a day out on the boat, keeping your belongings dry is an ongoing concern. Even when kept in a beach bag, your items are still at risk of getting splashed or being dropped in the water.

Spend your day worry-free with a ToteSåk! Whether you set it in a puddle or you get caught in the rain, this incredible tote bag's main compartment remains 100% waterproof. Perfect for trips to the pool, lake or ocean, it features an airtight zipper that allows it to float. If you accidentally drop it in the water, everything inside will stay safe and protected!

Complete with a variety of pockets and storage compartments, this tote has room for everything you need! Keep bulky towels and clothes in the middle section, and small items like your keys or phone in the mesh pocket. We even added 2 external pockets for quick-access items. Stylishly designed and available in 2 colors, it’s a must-have for both men and women.

Great design starts with great materials! We use TPU-coated canvas to craft each ToteSåk and finish them off with TPU coated nylon bottoms and accents. The result is a lightweight, durable tote that redefines style and practicality.


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    Technical Specifications

    Bag Material: TPU coated canvas and nylon

    Weight: Bag: 771g

    Exterior Bag Measurements: 40.64cm tall, 48.26cm long, 17.78cm wide

    Interior Pocket Measurements: Mesh double-pocket 17.78cm tall, 30.48cm wide, Zippered pocket 17.78cm tall, 30.48cm wide

    Exterior Pocket Measurements:  Slip pocket 20.32cm tall, 30.48cm wide, Zippered pocket 17.78cm tall, 22.86cm wide, zipper opening 19.05cm

    Bag Capacity:Approximately 35L

    Waterproof Zipper Care:

    When properly sealed, the main compartment of ToteSåk is airtight and waterproof. Before exposing your bag to wet conditions, test tomake sure thatthezipper is fully closed and air is not escaping from the pocket.

    To function properly, theairtightzipper on ToteSåk needs to be lubricated from time to time. Please use only the included lubricant, or any other high quality zipper lubricant.

    Apply lubricant before long term storage (store with zipper in the closed position) or whenever lubricantwears off during use.

    Cleaning Instructions:

    Even though these zippers are rust proof, if they are exposed to salt they should be washed with fresh water after use to avoid any salt build up. Make sure ToteSåk is completely dry before storing - damp fabrics are subject to mildew.

    Hand wash only.

    Designed in Pennsylvania USA | Made in China

    Canvas Navy
    Canvas Coral
    Canvas Mint Stripe